Catching Up!

Well, it has been a while, and I thought I would just catch you up on a few things that I wrote about earlier in the year.

I am still enjoying the “No-poo” routine, most of the time.  Once in a while I feel the urge for some lather, but not often!  Rinsing is such a bother!  I don’t miss the decision making – which shampoo will live up to it’s claims this time.  Some people know that I’ve taken this route, but no one has commented on the state of my hair!  They just need to feel it once in a while!

The containers proved to be a bit of a challenge, but I think I’ve resolved that!   I have a large Tupperware Spicemate container that I use to shake the “sham-soda” onto my head.  A salad dressing bottle is used to “squeeze” the cid-itioner” over my hair.  What I can’t seem to get away from is the need to do step one twice.

I also wrote about the $20 challenge.  I did make it through the first week, only because I had a back stock of meat and milk powder.  Then I got paid, and I totally lost my train of thought – and spending.

So what did I learn from this?

First I learned to be grateful for the regular inflow of money from my work.  This was an optional activity for me, not one of necessity.

Secondly I learned to be aware of how much things do cost, and am I really willing to pay the price, especially if it means doing without down the road.

Finally, I am grateful for being able to maintain my own little back-stock that frees me from the edge.

But most of all, I am thankful that God has blessed me with a home, work and more than adequate provision for each day.  He does indeed give me my daily bread!


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  1. Linda J

    Welcome back…and your hair did look great on Saturday night…

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