It’s Been a Month!

Well, it has been a month, and a year – full of good intentions – and some successes.  I had hoped to achieve more in certain areas of my life – and I didn’t.

I have learned that it is very difficult to take an online university course, take a vacation, work full time, and get ready for Christmas all in one semester.

For the first time in many years – I did not send Christmas cards.  This is not my usual behavior – my cards have been made – by me – for many years now.  And it just didn’t  happen.  Did the world end? NO!  Did I lose friends, family and loved ones? No!! Did I miss it? Yes, I did.  So, for the first time, I am sending my greetings and Christmas update via the Internet!  But… I was able to retrieve a card from former years to add into the post!  One of my favourites – that came in a year that I felt was so grey and boring!  At the end of that year, however, there was still colour that needed to be inserted into my life!!

And it’s now the end of  the first week of the new decade, and I still haven’t uploaded this post.

So a quick summary.  People moved out of my life, and people moved back into it.  People I knew and loved died – and I wasn’t prepared for that.  I learned to grieve – something that doesn’t come easy for me, and surprised me when it happened.

I didn’t lose the body weight I wanted to, but I think I let go of other weights – like the stuff that surrounds me.  I gave things away.  I threw things away.  And I said “No” to things that called my name.

In any case, the year is done.  I will post this and move forward – tomorrow!


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  1. No you did not lose a friend. But this friend sure did miss not getting that Christmas card in 2009. I’m always inspired to say I’m going to do one next year….I have yet to make it, but is there any hope at all since you didn’t send one this year? LOL!!!

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