Because I don’t Want to Lose it!!

Candy Cane Cookies! Well loved and Well Used!

Candy Cane Cookies! Well loved and Well Used!

Last Christmas I lost this recipe.  I googled.  I searched.  I emailed the company.  I could not find this recipe.  Then…. somehow, somewhere, somewhen… I found it again!

So today, while I have it in my hands, I am going to share the history of this recipe and why I like it so much!

Actually I’m going to scan it, so that I don’t have to bother typing it all out!

Many Christmas’s ago –  maybe even 20 of them, I had a neighbour who made these.  Emma and I enjoyed them and have made them every Christmas since.  We never shaped them as candy canes, because that is too persnickity for me.  We rolled the dough into balls, rolled the balls into the crushed candy canes and pressed them down with our fingers or a glass.   Sometimes I would forget and mix the crushed candy canes in with the dough.  DO NOT do this.  It is far better to roll balls of cookie dough in the candy – even if this makes for some extra work.

You used to be able to find the recipe on the back of the Candy cane box, but alas, it hasn’t appeared for the last few years.  And lest I  lose sight of it again, at least I will be able to find a copy of it on my blog.

And if you do, I hope you enjoy making them with your family.

Somewhat Frugally Yours,


PS:  I usually add more peppermint extract – experiment!


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